Artist Statement

  Comedy, form, color, and expression are the foundations of my artwork. The caricatures that evolve from clay are not based on anyone in particular, but focus primarily on the expression and whimsey. Large ceramic sculptures, upwards to eight feet tall, are my passion, and are intended to make an even louder statement due to their large scale. The larger my work gets, the more powerful they appear. My artwork can be described as comedic interpretations of faces and figures using out of the ordinary colors to create a sense of whimsy. I mix passion and spontaneity in order to connect with the viewer to evoke an emotional and sometimes physical response. Music is relevant in my work due to the movement in my forms, and the usage of visible brush work. My artwork is a symbol of the different emotions that we as humans encounter on a daily basis, and then fired into a stone. The use of exaggerated features inspired in cartoons and actors is relevant in my sculptures. In my three dimensional paintings, the images are usually more literal, and concrete. Through the painting process it allows me as a sculptor to help visualize objects, plan sculptures, and test colors for my three dimensional clay works. In a way my paintings are a sketch for my clay works. Laughter, joy, awe, and shock are a few emotions I try to convey for the viewer. My work is bold, and it stops people in their paths to take a second look. The viewer can discover new imagery as they gaze longer, and therefore captivating them for another interpretation. This feature will help create interest in my artwork for a public space. The feeling my work can bestow upon the viewer could not be appreciated at first glance, but over time like a music cd, it can grow on the viewer, and they can end up loving it. Over this growth my artwork creates intrigue and curiosity. For this reason alone, I believe that my work could generate discussion, long term interest, and help the public question what art really is and can be. My overall goal as an artist, is to make timeless masterpieces that will be enjoyed for many generations to come.



Here you can adopt an original piece of artwork from Sacramento fine artist Chris Efstratis.  Chris likes to work in several different mediums but his main forte is ceramic faces and busts.  Each piece is hand crafted in his home studio in Sacramento, California.  With the ceramics process, most of his pieces start on the pottery wheel, then they are hand altered and hand sculpted, bisque fired, hand painted and fired to cone five in oxidation.  The pieces are fired vitreous enough to be used in outdoor garden settings.  His original and colorful paintings are derived from spray paint, acrylic, oils, and sometimes silk screens.  He likes to paint on various materials, upcycled items, and anything he can find to express himself.  He has been making a living as an artist since 2005, showing his work around the western United States.  Adopt an original piece today!